Reflective essay on aseptic technique

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec Reflection 2 – Aseptic Non-Touch Technique. This reflective piece will be about a procedure that took place whilst on placement and will look at infection control whilst doing an aseptic non-touch technique (ANTT).

Jun 20,  · Errors in the administration of intravenous medications in hospital and the role of correct procedures and nurse experience Johanna I Westbrook, 1 Marilyn I Rob, 1 Amanda Woods, 1 and Dave Parry 2.

Aseptic technique and simple wound management. I have choses Gibbs reflective cycle model to reflect on my two weeks clinical placement at Concord hospital, working in a surgical ward, supervised by a registered nurse, (RN) looking after a sixty- five year Lady anonymous patient name not mentioned for confidentiality.

This patient had. Reflective Log – Aseptic Technique In this reflection I am going to discuss a procedure that I have carried out whilst I have been on placement and the importance of infection control using the Aspetic Non Touch Technique (ANTT).

Reflective Log – Aseptic Technique Aseptic Technique Essay Aseptic Technique is based on surgical conscience; that is, the ethical and professional motivation that regulates a professional’s behaviors regarding disease transmission. (Fuller) All patients are bound to get an infection.

S aureus has been isolated from Georges infected wound To satisfy Kochs from BIOL at Lamar University In this activity students will classify items based on whether aseptic technique is being used. Reflective Essay on Marcus Engel

Reflective essay on aseptic technique
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