Antecedent based intervention motivation principles essay

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Functional Behavior Assessment Essays (Examples)

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The Theory of Comfort by Katherine Kolcaba is middle range theory. Middle range theories contain a limited number of concepts and have a more limited scope. However, Kolcaba’s Theory of Comfort is classified as a high middle range theory making it a more general and abstract theory.

Antecedent intervention approaches focus on structuring the environment to prevent problems and enhance motivation. At the class-wide level, implementation of these strategies can create a structured and orderly environment to which most students are responsive.

The antecedent intervention involved eliminating any negative rule statements while ignoring the student’s problem behavior. Eliminating the verbal rule statements resulted in an immediate reduction in the frequency and intensity of the student’s problem behaviors.

Although this is an antecedent-based intervention, the teacher will still need to monitor consequences to make certain that she reinforces instances of the replacement behavior and withholds reinforcement for the problem behavior. Antecedent-based Intervention: Motivation Principles Essay - A.


Motivation Principles Carol’s behavior of excessive talking off subject during lessons on topics that do not interest her is directly related to Glasser’s Choice Theory. Autism Q & A: Antecedent Based Intervention. by Alicia Hart, B.A. and Staci Carr, Ph.D. Question: What is Antecedent Based Intervention?

Answer: In order to understand Antecedent Based Intervention (ABI), it is first important to understand three term it sounds complicated, the three term contingency is most easily understood through the ABCs.

Antecedent based intervention motivation principles essay
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